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irene: srsrly we are a great group of friends to be emailing so much :3

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we are so funny to be emailing so much all of a sudden cause it's near X-mas hehhee
haha i love how you figured out your hint right away! lool and then she decides to announce it to everybody...and she kinda announced it to michelle on the phone tooo.

i think bonnie knows basically everybody! again...haha
reading by the handwriting I already knew it was going to be lucy so maybe that's why I figured out ____ ___ _____ so quickly as good one irene.. sigh maybe I am just good at hangman srsly.
hahaha yeah the handwriting was pretty but it was funny you read the paper and looked at the three blanks for like a SECOND and youre like good one irene! hahaaa
i need to play hangman with you thenn..