sleepycloud (sleepycloud) wrote,

Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.
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i'm telling myself that too :)
We need to hang out soon.
haha yeaa preferrably before school starts? ^^
very true! but the problem is that... they're not coming!
trust me it'll come one day and you'll see just how true it is
oh, my dad said that wednesday was fine, just that alan will be a problem so most likely, he'll come home early. what time are we going and who's mom is taking us?
ok cool. um my mom can drive us there but she can't drive us back cuz she has to go somewhere..
and iono how long its gonna take so lets talk to janet mmk? wanna do three-way sometime today cuz i cant do it.
oh, so we're gong to be by ourselves? wait, are we also going to the mall after? or is it just excel, the one near toyr r us?
wut do u mean going by ourselves? haha maybe i should just call you. and yeah i think we're going to the mall after? and yea near toys r us
did the best thing happen to you or something..? ;]
haha of course bonnie would be the one to get it right
;] r u willing to say?
haha you'll find out soon enough :]